A “Jumpstart” to my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!

December 27, 2011

As the clock is ticking to 2012,  thought I would do something a little different this year.  I would get a “Jumpstart” on my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.  Be proactive!


Staying  in touch with friends, family, business owners,  clients, drivers, networking partners, vendors, and such, is right up near the top of my list.  Be more diligent in communicating.  Use e-mail, snail mail, Voicemail, Facebook, texting, or why not just the good old-fashioned telephone to communicate.  Alright, more than likely cell phone…I wouldn’t wait until there was some sort of crisis to communicate, as something positive is equally important.


A  monthly newsletter, would be a great tool!  Perhaps bi-monthly would be a little easier way to start?   I don’t want to get too overzealous and renig on a New Year’s Resolution before I even get started!  Yes, I think a newsletter is in order and it would be a perfect “Jumpstart” on my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!


As 2011 is fast approaching its end, a new year is moments around the corner…2012.  May it bring you good health, good friends & a promise of a great today and a better tomorrow!  With that being said, I’d best start working on my newsletter!!!    Now, do I send it out the beginning or the end of the month??


Eliminating or minimizing procrastination is another one of my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!  Hhmmm..but, it’s not 2012 yet!!!

Memories in a Box

October 9, 2011

I had a revelation today…one of the most valuable things I moved, became apparent.  My recipe box with all the memories connected to it~~ PRICELESS !

This Sunday morning started differently than most Florida Sunday mornings…The skies dark & cloudy, a steady stream of raindrops, a quiet, meditating sound coming from the pool waterfall..  A calming, almost.  This Sunday morning, put my business on the back-burner, reading the Sunday newspaper at 6:30 a.m. with no interruptions… Yes, this Sunday morning started off differently than most Florida Sunday mornings…

As I sat reading the newspaper, thought, thank goodness my crew didn’t  have to move anyone in or out on a day like today.  Miserably wet, makes the job that much harder…I was taking a break from my business, placing it on the back-burner, and this type of morning  was reminiscent of Upstate NY where I had been born and raised..  Moving to Florida almost 9 years back.  Thought about Halloween, either snowing or raining in NY and it was anyone’s guess when my kids would pick out their costumes.  Winter jacket or no winter jacket to cover their costume…again, it was anyone’s guess!  From there,  my thoughts wandered…made me a little nostalgic and melancholy.  But I was putting my business on the back burner?  I started thinking back to the good times had with family & friends, the smell of firewood burning filling the air, the thick aroma of baked goods permeating the house, a comforting thought…Again, thought about when I moved.   It was difficult , but challenging, and know I made the right choice, when settling in Florida.  I visited Tampa, for one day as a youngster, went  a museum while vacationing with my folks & younger brothers.  How dark & cloudy skies, a steady stream of raindrops , and a quiet, meditating sound coming from the pool waterfall, evoked these profound thoughts.

Fall cleaning was very appropriate when you were cooped up on a fall day in Upstate, NY.  Rain forced you to stay inside, read a book, do some crafts, drink hot cocoa, with marshmallows, of course.  Throw on a kettle of Beef Stew, bake some homemade bread, bake some Apple Crisp.  It was fall, you know, and apples were in season up there.  Once again, found myself slipping back to my roots, and missed not having fresh NY apples to make Apple Crisp.  Still would never entertain moving back, but it did make me a little more nostalgic & melancholy.  Decided it would be a good day to entertain baking Apple Crisp… had an old recipe that had been handed down by my Mom’s, Mom’s Mom… My Great Grandmama… An excellent recipe, an excellent choice.  I began digging through the cabinets looking for the perfect baking pan, a couple trips into the pantry, a quick spin of the spice rack, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, ready for baking!  The thought of moving quickly entered my thoughts and kitchens are the worst to pack or unpack!  A day when I was putting my business on the back burner!  All the equipment and ingredients you needed to have to begin baking Apple Crisp!  As I had made this so many times in the past, I didn’t think I would forget the recipe.  How could I?  I immediately went to find my recipe box to confirm I wasn’t forgetting one of the major ingredients…confirm the oven temperature.  It was then that I realized I had moved one of the most treasured possessions I had!  My recipe box!

I began pouring through all the recipes I had accumulated over the years, looking for the one special recipe that had been handed down a few generations ago.  The recipe for Apple Crisp!  As I riffled through the box, I found one from a good friend that taught me how to make Homemade Kaulua, one of my favorites from a neighbor up home to make Aunt Melba’s Sweet Pickles, each recipe having its’ own story, its’ own connection.  Crazy Cake, Zucchini Bread, Chocolate Cherry Cake, which was one of my all-time favorites! This brought back memories of my mother-in-law.  She would bake me that cake, every year for my birthday.   Actually found myself chuckling a few times until I stumbled across the recipe for Apple Crisp.  The card was rather yellowed, had some drops of cooking oil on one corner, but it was handwritten by my Mom, Mom S., back in 1985.  I knew she had given me that recipe on more than one occasion over the years and finally, last time she wrote it out, she said, “Ter,  put it in your recipe box and then you will always know where it is when you need it.”    It was bittersweet as I re-read this recipe card… I lost my Mom in a car wreck several years back, right before leaving NY, for my new chapter in Florida.  Her handwriting was a gentle reminder of the good times and life experiences we’d shared… I welled up with tears, fighting the emotion of how my decision to make Apple Crisp had affected my day.  Had I made the right decision to bake, or to move?  As the smell of it baking in the oven permeated my house, it was a dark & cloudy day, a steady stream of raindrops, a quiet, meditating sound of the pool waterfall, when I decided to put my business on the back burner…. And another life lesson learned.  One that I will share first-hand with my family, friends, and clients…

One of the most valuable things I moved, became apparent today!  My recipe box with all the memories connected to it ~~ PRICELESS!  As I stepped outside waiting for the Apple Crisp to cool a bit, the rain had stopped…the sun trying to poke its’ way out around the clouds…A day where I had put my business on the back burner…

My Favorite Customers

May 25, 2009

I have moved hundreds of people over my 34+ years in the relocation industry and met so many interesting people, their families, their neighbors.  But, by far, the most enjoyable customer for me, is moving one of our seniors.  Who are the seniors?  75+ yrs. old or older?  Yes, that would be the age group I enjoy working with the most!  I find that that segment of our population are the most interesting and the most appreciative.  I find great pleasure in listening while they share their stories of their life’s chapters.  Look at photos of their children, or perhaps their wedding, or pets, first homes, disharged from the Armed Services, even some of their more memorible vacations.  Each senior has their own uniqueness and geniune to a fault.    Some  of the senior gals share tips on doing laundry, share a recipe, or show their latest knitting project.  Often times, they teach me how to tend to different houseplants or how to pick fresh vegetables from a garden.  I learn so much from all of them and really enjoy the time spent in an effort to transition them to their new homes.  And the lessons they teach me?  Priceless!

Trucks & Trees

November 12, 2007

I guess I’ve never given this much thought. While sitting here for a few minutes this morning, picked up a St. Pete Times to find an article about Christmas trees and how they arrive here in Florida every year.

I was born & raised in Western, NY. Christmas trees were abundant and the annual pilgrimage in search of “the perfect tree ” happened every holiday season. The Boy Scouts sold trees on almost every street corner or set-up in plazas. Some of the nurseries would carry a wide array of beautiful trees and the wreaths to match. For the “old-fashioned” Christmas feeling, you could pick a day and walk through acres of cut-your own pines. They were everywhere and you would trudge through the woods, sometimes in rather deep snow and return home, with the frozen tree in tow, and have a cup of hot chocolate near the fire. I moved to Florida, never giving a thought to what happens to Christmas trees in a warm climate?

Finding “the perfect tree” in Florida is a lot more challenging. Nearly all our Christmas trees you see for sale in parking lots or perhaps road side stands or flea markets. You can surely find a selection of trees at Loew’s or Home Depot and yes, on occasion, you see Boy Scouts selling some, set up in plazas. Where do we get our trees from and how they get transported here. Some of our trees may come out of North Carolina, Michigan, as far north as Oregon. Trees that are grown in the north need to be protected from the warmth. Often times these trees will travel south, still dusted with snow and ice,on refrigerated vans. Upon arriving here, pre-season, they are stored in refrigerated vaults until they are set up for the holiday rush. So, trucks bring a majority of the trees to Florida!

Much to my suprise, as well, I read where Florida also has cut-your-own tree farms. In comparison to our northern neighbors, we only sell about 20,000 trees annually. Somehow, Christmas trees in Florida just look so entirely different than that of the traditional Christmas tree. And the cost to purchase a fresh northern tree is quite pricey. Again, guess I never gave too much thought about Christmas trees in Florida. At the end of the holiday season, people need to dispose of their trees and many are carted off into Recycle Centers. Again, mainly by trucks, big dump body trucks, haul them away. Again trucks & trees. Another thought that comes to mind is that National Van Lines hauled the 2006 Capitol Tree. They will be transporting next year’s Capitol Christmas tree…trucks & trees.

After living in Florida for the past several years, I now have an artificial Christmas tree…I don’t have to worry about pine needles falling on my carpet, don’t concern myself with checking the water level on a real tree, and can easily pack it away in a box until next Christmas…However, I realize, the trees needed to make it to the retailers to sell…Again, thank goodness for trucks & trees!


November 11, 2007

By definition, “relophobia” is the fear of moving or having something moved. We all have fears and phobias. There’s the fear of flying, the fear of heights, we’re phobic about spiders, close spaces,  snakes, and needles just to mention a few. This brings me back to “Relophobia“.   How do you recognize is you have the characteristics of a “relophobic“?

Hello world!

October 25, 2007

This is my first time ever blogging!  Guess it’s no big deal to the younger generation, but to someone my age?  Well, not that I’m that old…just not quite as advanced in the world of computers as the younger folks.  My initial thoughts when someone mentioned I should start a blog were very mixed.  Should I concentrate on just the news of my industry or perhaps use a blog as a forum to keep my  clients informed and updated?  Or perhaps, could I use this blog to escape the connection of myself with the transportation industry?  Again, as a first-time blogger, not sure what my final decision regarding my blog content, would be?